Innovative and personalized security services to suit all of your needs

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Innovative and personalized security services to suit all of your needs


Customized Security Based on Your Company’s Needs


Sterling Security simplifies complex situations in both physical security and integrated technological services. We’ve served businesses and private clients throughout Southeast Michigan for the past 10 years and continue to grow. The quality of our services isn’t coincidental. Hard work and dedication, mixed with a refined operational system, assure that the services we deliver exceed client expectations.


Sterling Security is one of a few Michigan companies with a full-service Global Command Center. We assess the happenings through a web-enabled system with real-time reporting of incidents, schedules and performance. Our clients can feel at ease due to their ability to effectively monitor our service delivery and get a 360-degree view to evaluate and make operational adjustments.


We operate our business with the spirit and attitude of a partnership with our clients. Sterling Security’s success is a direct result of our client’s success. Our client managers provide a full spectrum of security services, officers and technology while maintaining a single point of contact. Our carefully curated leadership and public relations standards ensure a safe & smooth approach to securing your business.


Sterling Security provides adaptable and customized security services that seamlessly integrate for any client. Our security specialists work with every client to optimize a security delivery process through annual goals and objectives. We aim to provide cost-effective tools and minimize risks.

On-Site Security

The general presence of a uniformed guard increases employee and visitor comfort, while deterring potential crime threats. Our guards are trained to enforce safety procedures and take full appropriate action in emergencies. All guards are trained to perform specific duties, such as ID checks, locking doors, vehicle searches, escorting employees to and from the premises and more.

Private Investigations

The staff at Sterling Security is experienced, efficient, and prioritizes full confidentiality. All cases are handled with attention and consideration.

Remote Monitoring

Our real-time global command center and hi-tech equipment allow us to protect your site at all times. We promptly monitor and respond to any threats 24/7. We also monitor social media in real-time.

Event Coverage

We cover an array of events from shareholder meetings to concerts and more. Let us take care of the details in advance, so you have one less item on your to-do list.

Medical Facility Security

We let health professionals focus on healing with our medical facility security services. Facilities can included but aren’t limited too: hospitals, rehabilitation centers, women’s clinics, dentist offices.

Training & Education

CCW / CPL Training (CarryingConcealed Weapon/Concealed Pistol License)

A concealed pistol license allows an individual to carry a concealed pistol on them or in their car. Our CPL course provides individuals with the training requirements they need to obtain the concealed pistol license. Our training is comprehensive, safety-focused and is carried out by certified and experienced instructors. CPL classes are held regularly, contact us for times and prices.

Customized Service

In order to find a solution for our clients security needs Sterling Security is able to create a custom packages for corporate, retail business, medical facility, or residential needs.

Intrusion Detection

With our 24 Hour Surveillance protection, we’re able to notify our clients that there’s been an intrusion to their premises and have security guards dispatched to address the issue.

Patrol Inspection

With Sterling Security clients can take comfort knowing that locations are being physically watched during regular hours and after hours to keeping your properties

Remote Escorting

Ride safely to your next event, meeting, or presentation. Sterling Security offers professional and highly trained drivers available through our chauffeuring services.


Our security team can do it all. We provide security services for the following industries:

Public Transportation
Special Events
Real Estate

Our new hire acquisition is unique and holds employees to the highest degree of rapport and expertise. We aren’t just looking for industry knowledge and hard skills. We go above and beyond the state requirements to test for dependability, honestly, social awareness, and more.


A unique hiring process, comprehensive training, and a security company culture focused on excelling, guarantee superior performance from our security guards and patrol officers. This is what we call the “Sterling Difference”.