At Sterling Security we provide personalized security solutions, fully customizable to your organization’s particular needs. As security requirements evolve over time, we are able to continuously adapt the delivery of our security services to reflect the changing security challenges facing your organization, and deliver the protection in the most cost efficient manner.

Our security services are suitable for public organizations (city and county governments, universities, schools, state and federal agencies), large and small business, office buildings, residential communities and real estate.

Our Security Services include:


Our real-time global command center and hi-tech equipment allow us to protect your site at all times. We promptly monitor and respond to any threats 24/7. We also monitor social media in real-time. The team can remotely protect your site and perimeter with state-of-the-art security systems,…


Our security patrol officers conduct roving patrols and utilize GuardTrek technology to maximize security effectiveness and reduce paperwork and labor costs. Our mobile patrol units connect with field managers to connect within real-time in the event of any emergencies or needed backup protection. The patrol teams…


Sterling Security’s secure transportation service is offered to clients seeking safe travel arrangements. Our drivers and escorts are trained in the following areas: defensive driving, evasive driving maneuvers, problem mitigation, surveillance, first aid, and close protection. The in-house security team is also online and carefully monitoring…


We train our team to provide maximum security in a discreet and confidential manner. Upon initial assignment, we perform a full risk assessment to provide personal security and comfort for individual clients in addition to businesses…


We carefully prepare our onsite guards through rigorous training and continuous improvement practices. Crime Deterrence – the general presence of a uniformed guard increases employee and visitor comfort, while deterring potential crime threats. Increased Protection – our proactive approach to training differentiates Sterling Security from typical…


Sterling Security creates a reliable security process for events. We cover an array of events from shareholder meetings to concerts and more. Let us take care of the details in advance, so you have one less item on your to-do list….


A warm smile, welcome and highly trained security guards are there to greet you at your events or on a regular basis…


The staff at Sterling Security is experienced, efficient, and prioritizes full confidentiality. All cases are handled with attention and consideration. Our services intend to investigate numerous scenarios including spousal infidelity, and insurance fraud…


A Michigan concealed pistol license allows a qualified individual to carry a concealed pistol on them or in their car. Our CPL course provides individuals with the training requirements they need to obtain the concealed pistol license. Our training is comprehensive, safety-focused and is carried…


A Sterling Security professional consultant will help your organization stay safe and proactive. Our consultants assess vulnerabilities and offer the best adjustments to your current procedures. We are here to help you through a crisis and emergency planning…


Our self improvement seminars cover a wide variety of topics, to help security staff stay safe, efficient, and competitive….


Panorama is a solution connecting unique technologies proprietary to Sterling Security, we’ve teamed up with Tech 11 to produce software and hardware security applications that can be deployed in any environment and are compatible with any security system in the industry! Tech 11 Panorama Solutions is…


Security Officers

At Sterling Security, we provide unique security solutions that guarantee results. Our fully customizable approach to your organization allows us to guide our clients to make better, more informed decisions about service and security needs.
We understand that security and service requirements evolve, we can continuously adapt the delivery of our security services to reflect the changing security challenges facing your organization, and deliver the protection and service our clients deserve.

Front Desk – Reception – Visitor Management

At Sterling Security, we provide unique security solutions that guarantee results. Our fully customizable approach to your organization allows us to guide our clients to make better, more informed decisions about service and security needs.
We understand that security and service requirements evolve, we can continuously adapt the delivery of our security services to reflect the changing security challenges facing your organization, and deliver the protection and service our clients deserve.

Vehicle Entrance Management

Sterling understands the unique needs of vehicle entrance security, as well as the desired service our clients need. Our experience in securing all types of entrance points from manned to unmanned has allowed us to provide the necessary cutting edge technology and processes to make the experience of accessing your property fast and secured while adhering to the needs of the client.

Roving Patrol

Our security roving patrol officers are trained to look for risk factors as they patrol your property, with our GuardTrek technology they maximize the effectiveness of every step they take. We continuously improve on the latest technologies to respond to emergencies and increase immediate communication with our clients during incidents.

We utilize the locations Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Systems Blueprints, Water Shut Off Valves Information, Video Management, and Access Control Systems to create unified access to data using Augmented Reality and GPS to arrive and mitigate the emergency as soon as possible.

Remote Video Monitoring and Engagement

Sterling provides real video and access control monitoring by our Security Intervention Specialist, with event-based artificial intelligence video monitoring and response services, we intervene before an incident can occur and prepare ourselves to contact the authorities and dispatch our team members to deal with the event. We create a proactive, not reactive security approach while protecting life, property, and reducing operational costs by our clients.

SOC as a Service (Security Operations)

Our Security Operations Center as a Service can adapt all your security technology needs and provide them to your organization as a service. We can manage Building Management, Visitor Management, HVAC Automation, Video Management, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, IT, Utility Management Systems.

By strategically making these systems accessible through secure and encrypted means, we can manage and monitor your day to day business intelligence and analytics to improve response and preventive maintenance while reacting proactively to emergencies or cost-saving processes.

Our Disaster Response Team can prepare you for worst-case scenarios, and physical assistance can be deployed to your locations in mere hours. We guarantee cost savings and in all aspects of your operation with options of dedicated specialists or shared resources based on your needs.

Executive Protection & Secure Transportation

When it comes to protecting clients who may be exposed to elevated levels of risk, executive protection services are critical, and needs of high-level bodyguards and mobile security solutions may be needed.

These necessary security measures are needed for those who may be exposed to increased personal risk due to their employment, status, wealth, associations, geographical location, or other reasons that make them the target of a physical attack or kidnapping.
Our highly trained, low-profile bodyguards are qualified to work in high-risk and complex environments and specialize in the protection of diplomats and commercial clients.

Event Security Technology

Sterling Security creates a reliable security process for events any size, artificial intelligence analytics camera deployments that pick up unusual behavior as well as counter-espionage technologies with integrated triggers for critical alerts allow for a uniformed response to any situation. Our planning, threat assessment, and issue prevention, event access control systems, and when necessary, crisis response gives us the flexibility and edge not seen from any other company in the event security to date.

Quick Response Units

Sterlings Quick Response Units are the deterring force your organization needs to maximize its security force. With clearly marked Sterling vehicles, our QRU vehicle can patrol multiple client locations within a limited geographic radius and can quickly respond to alarms, escort employees, manage spot checks for garages and other open areas, and open and close locations while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Alarm and Emergency Response

If your alarm system sounds, our monitoring station will dispatch a Quick Response Unit to your facility to investigate. If necessary, local law enforcement, emergency services, or maintenance personnel will be contacted prior to the arrival of the QRU team. Sterlings training allows us to provide the rights response for any foreseeable situation.

Whether or not we provide monitoring for your security alarm system, Sterling can respond and complement your security with our own electronic security and remote monitoring technology.

Sterlings flexibility and range of comprehensive security services can create innovative and cost-effective packages that will reduce incidents, optimize security officers’ time and reduces costs.

Corporate Escorts

Sterlings Corporate Escorts is here to provide a safe environment when you needed the most. Escorts can be provided for employees, field service technicians, and students that need an escort to their cars or to allow access and supervision after hours.

Remote Escorts can also be provided with the right deployed technology we can stay on the phone with you with emergency services ready to be called at the press of a button. Tell us your needs, we will provide a solution.

Patrol Inspections

Sterlings Patrol inspections provide preventative patrol inspections that proactively deter theft, vandalism, and other crime. These solutions can save money and provide random yet disciplined patrol times with real-time, web-based reporting accessible from any device.

We will work with you by analyzing past incidents and present demands to develop customized inspection methods and discover the best patrol timeframe and frequency for your property. We can provide services that include Exterior and Interior Inspections, Locking and Unlocking Spaces, Employee and Elderly Wellness Checks, Temperature Checks, Lighting Inspections, Equipment Functionality Checks.


Electronic Access Control

Access control allows you to know the WHO, WHERE, and WHY of any staff and guests attempting to gain access to the property. A high-quality access control system decreases the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive locations and improves the safety and security of your people, privacy, and valuables.

From a single location to enterprise applications, our access control partners are the best technology manufacturers today and allow customers to utilize IT-standard tools and distributed architecture to create a solution that fits your demands. By exercising the methodology of operational processes and client needs we gain the flexibility to design a scalable customized solution with the future in mind.

⦁ Track and hinder access throughout your organization a the click of a button.
⦁ Provide and review employee optimization and time and attendance.
⦁ Ensure access to software or locations sensitive to your organization is managed.
⦁ Provide a more secure working environment.
⦁ Avoid expensive re-keying.
⦁ Administer and control access immediately to a single person, location, or facility from remotely from a mobile or computer.
⦁ Save-money by reducing management time and expensive access errors.

⦁ Web-based multi-site access control solutions
⦁ PC-based, small, mid-sized and enterprise solutions
⦁ Access control cards and readers
⦁ Tailgating Solutions
⦁ Photo ID badge for deterring fraudulent or misuse of access
⦁ Biometric, Mobile Access, OCR Devices
⦁ Single door self-managed devices
⦁ Visitor Management Solutions
⦁ Fully Integrated Platforms with other usual site management services

Video Surveillance and Management

From a few cameras to hundreds of cameras, Sterling Security can provide solutions to fit your needs.

If you are looking to reduce liability or theft, or if you’re trying to quickly review video to find incidents and create reports from anywhere in the world, we will have the solution that fits your unique needs. We partner with the latest most advanced video surveillance platforms and design your systems to ensure a future proof plan to guard your investment for years to come.

Our network solutions include cameras, video analytics, system applications, and monitoring systems that can reduce cost, allow scalability, and simplify integration even with systems you already have on your property. We ensure that our partners can confidently design, install, and deploy the most advanced system that your facility needs.
Future Proof your investment with Sterling Security Today

⦁ Individual or Multiple Multicasting
⦁ Multistreaming you video for viewing access
⦁ Mapping of your system and facility
⦁ Smart Motion detection
⦁ Video-Sharing in seconds
⦁ Facial Detection and Recognition
⦁ Smart Search by object characteristics
⦁ Remote viewing and reviewing of video
⦁ Archive events automatically and send notifications
⦁ Playback & export in minutes
⦁ Search & find exactly what you’re looking for quickly
⦁ External hardware triggers for alarms on a video platform
⦁ Easy to use with existing networks
⦁ Tailgating notifications
⦁ Pan / tilt / zoom control

Intrusion Detection

When speaking of intrusion detection, emergency notification, and environmental monitoring systems, Sterling Security has taken these detection and response processes to another level.

Simple installation and monitoring are not enough to truly secure your property, reduce theft and property loss, or identify equipment failures. You need to create cascading effects that connect to your video, access, and your remote or local operations center to these alarms to ensure response by your personnel to any notification in seconds not minutes.

Our partners and Sterling Security Services can provide equipment from leading manufactures as well as remote monitoring of these intrusion and detection systems and certified monitoring centers for fire/life safety applications.

⦁ Alarm control panels
⦁ Motion PIRs/sensors
⦁ Glassbreak detectors
⦁ Panic buttons
⦁ Photoelectric beam detectors
⦁ Smoke detectors
⦁ Environmental sensors for water/temperature/humidity
⦁ Gas and carbon monoxide detectors
⦁ Voice/audio alarm verification
⦁ Remote smartphone app control
⦁ Duress code
⦁ Driveway/exit alarm system
⦁ 24-hour alarm monitoring
⦁ Cellular backup system

Emergency Communication

A key component of a complete security solution is an integrated emergency notification system. Our system designs utilize a wide range of solutions, including an intercom system, emergency towers, nurse call, and mass notification solutions so you can inform all the appropriate parties of emergencies or clear from those emergencies as soon as possible.

We will work with you to create the custom emergency notification system you need to keep your people and facilities safe and communication from your entry points fluid.

⦁ Enhanced situational awareness
⦁ Ability to interact with remote personnel in a variety of scenarios, from emergencies to responding to after-hours deliveries.
⦁ Broadcast of emergency notifications and messaging
⦁ Remote management in case of disaster or emergency
⦁ Integrated systems for monitoring use

Network Infrastructure

Today’s infrastructure can be on-premise, a virtual cloud service, or a hybrid of both. It is critical to make sure the foundation is right for the future to support business-critical applications. With our network consulting and software expertise, we are uniquely equipped to devise solutions to fit your needs. We understand emerging technologies and recommend the optimal infrastructure solutions to support your application, service and resource requirements.

Sterling Security can audit your architecture and explore the network from end-to-end, presenting you with a comprehensive report on your environment as it is today. Our Recommendation Service gives you a detailed menu of recommended steps to overcome the problems we have highlighted and shows how you can utilize new capabilities, which your network is ready to support.

​The design provides a process for the planning and implementation of the next evolutionary phase – anything from the addition of a new workgroup, to complete migration to a new platform.

Cybersecurity & Management

Sterling Security can strengthen your cyber defense and address every stage of an attack lifecycle with industry-leading threat intelligence, advanced monitoring, and incident response services.

We take a less reactive, and more proactive approach to cyber threat making it even harder for cybercriminals to succeed. We defend against the known and quickly detect and remediate the unknown. We provide advisory, transformation, implementation and managed security services to help you mitigate risks and take full advantage of advanced technologies and proven risk management models.

Our practical solutions are specifically tailored to your industry and business needs.

⦁ Threat Intelligence
⦁ Forensic Investigation
⦁ Advanced Malware Protection
⦁ Datacenter & Perimeter Security
⦁ Network Risk Assessment
⦁ Security-Monitoring-Services (SIEM & SOC)
⦁ Host & End Point Security
⦁ Cloud & Virtualization Security
⦁ Security Device Management​
⦁ Cyber Maturity Diagnostic
⦁ Compromise & Exposure Assessment
⦁ Defensive Architecture
⦁ Define & Implement Cyber Defense Capabilities and Processes
⦁ Cyber Transformation Roadmap
⦁ Security Awareness
⦁ Penetration Testing
⦁ Infrastructure Security (network, endpoint, cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things)
⦁ Security Operations Transformation
⦁ Cyber Defense & Intelligence Platform (security monitoring and security analytics)
⦁ Threat Intelligence
⦁ Vulnerability Management
There has been an increasing realization that basic protection tools and a lack of cybersecurity services implementation to protect important corporate information are no longer sufficient to protect against new advanced threats. Let Sterling Security guide you in the right direction.