Sterling Security creates a reliable security process for events. We cover an array of events from shareholder meetings to concerts and more. Let us take care of the details in advance, so you have one less item on your to-do list.


Event Security Guard Duties and Responsibilities

The event security guard’s duties may change based on the event and the venue where the event is held. Job listings we researched listed the following responsibilities as typical for event security guards:

Monitor the Event

For the majority of the event schedule, event security guards monitor the people at the event to ensure rules are followed and everyone is acting safely. They provide a sense of protection to attendees and staff. They may even escort VIPs to and from the venue. Depending on the event location, some security guards may monitor the venue from a secure room using surveillance cameras.

Maintain Order

Events can get crowded, and event security guards are expected to maintain order throughout the entirety of the event. This often includes directing foot traffic and helping lost people find their friends or loved ones. In the event of a disturbance that requires evacuation, event security guards maintain order to help attendees evacuate quickly and safely.

Escort Attendees Out of Events

Events where alcohol is served can often get rowdy, and event security guards escort attendees out of the venue as needed and prevent them from reentering. They may also need to escort attendees who are experiencing health problems into a clear and safe area.

Make Regular Reports

Event security guards are responsible for reporting all suspicious activity to their direct supervisors and fellow guards. They do this through two-way radios and direct verbal communication.

Suppress Disturbances

If fights break out during the event or an attendee tries to reach a VIP, event security guards are responsible for suppressing the disturbance. This includes holding the suspect until police arrive and take the appropriate action.

Event Security Guard Skills and Qualifications

Event security guards work well under pressure and can keep their cool during stressful situations. They should be able to identify threats quickly and act accordingly on their instincts. While you don’t need any formal education to be an event security guard, employers usually hire candidates with the following skills: